Aluva LUV is the philanthropy program of Aluva. It was created as a give-back program to help those in need.

Currently, we live in a world where there is so much uncertainty for many families across the globe. Aluva believes that it is our opportunity and responsibility to help those in need. We wish for all to have access to basic human needs.

Aluva has partnered with Genshai, an established non-profit organization, to facilitate projects across the globe. Genshai’s mission is to help supply basic human needs in four key categories; food & water, shelter, health, and education.

We know we can make a big difference by partnering with others in our communities.

Aluva centers its culture on uplifting those around us, but that starts with self-LUV. When we adequately LUV ourselves we are better able to LUV others.

Aluva LUV Projects:

August 2021

Provide backpacks filled with school supplies to children in need.

Donations were made throughout the country to various organizations, including the Head Start Program.

July 2021

Supply cold water, food, sunscreen, and basic supplies to the homeless.

Supplies were distributed in over a dozen cities throughout the United States.

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